Play with food

Play with food by Eden Rave
Links: Free download on itch.io
Release Date: 27 Mar, 2018



Play as a schnitzel and escape from a kitchen full of dangers.

This is a pc game I created for STUDIES PURPOSES ONLY as a graphic design student.

This game contains scenes that some viewers may find disturbing. Viewer discretion advised.

Play With Food brings you the story of a tiny schnitzel in a shape of a deer, which comes back to life just before it’s about to be eaten. Lonely, Confused and without any memory of it’s past, it decides to go on a journey after its identity in a kitchen full of dangers.

The Splitting

The Splitting by Fireberry Studio
Links: Official Site
Release Date: Jan 2015 (Chapter 1), Sep 2016 (Chapter 2)



The Splitting is an episodic mystery adventure game about people and their reflections.

Daniel wakes up one morning to find that his reflection is gone. Now, with his reflection missing, he discovers that he can pass through mirrors into the identical mirror-world.

There are currently 2 chapters released (out of 5 in total) and they are completely free to play online!

Welcome to Indie Games Israel!

This site is dedicate to all the great indie developers and games in Israel.

Over the the course of 2016 I started sniffing around the gaming industry in Israel, I was surprised to find many talented developers and some amazing games, but unfortunately I never heard of them before, for some of them, even after I knew about, I had difficulties finding them online, not to mention to amount of other gems that are out there, ripe and waiting for the picking.

So I decided to make this site and get everyone on board! If you’re a developer or know of any dev team/games that should make this site, please let me know!

This is site was created and is maintained by Avishay Mizrav, a fellow indie developer, currently working on Bad Pad.

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